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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Global warming - melting arctics

This topic has become the buzz for a decade, something we claim that our techology has enabled us to realize. With billions dollars worth of research happening all over the world, the findings and reports are still speculative. Melting glaciers are being highlighed but not the ones thar forming newly and the ones which are growing.

The general research findings say something like a .5 - 2 degree increase in temperature in the next 100 years, which is not again confirmed.

I personally don't worry about these, when it comes to weather and climatic changes its vry well known that man has got miles to go before he can confirm any of his theories. Even daily weather forecast generally goes wrong leave alone a 100 or 1000 year predictions.

Assuming this to be true, I see the change as a part of earth's evolution. How did dinosour die, weather change, if that had not happened I dont think I will be sitting in this air-conditioned room and blogging about global warming.

Maybe nature has something exciting for mother earth post-human occupation.