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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cricket world cup - my prediction

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a regular watcher of the game nor a great fan. This is somenthing that I can't miss. This is a country where this game is more of a religion which unites people from many other religions.

I don't think India is poised to lift the cup. This is in a way disappointing to me that a legend like Sachin will be retiring without ever feeling the cup in his hand (I don't think Sachin will be able to survive next 4 years to make it to the next world cup). India owed him the cup for what he has achieved.

Australia (extra-terrestrial team) and England are teams I see who can make it interesting and may go for the finals. Looking at the rest, Sri Lanka or India from the sub-continent could make it upto the semis. West Indies is something that could spring some surprise. In group D, I would bet more on Zimbabwe than on Pakistan. Its purely due to the state the Pakistan team is now.

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