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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Behind Benazir's death

It is indeed surprising to learn that Benazir's assasination is still a guess work. It is comparable with JFK's but its decades apart. We, especially the only super power USA, the godfather of the Pakistan government(if we can say so) claims of technological and intelligence supermacy but we are all guessing. Here is my guess of it, a story script which is a freeware I give to anyone who wants to make movie out of it.


The story: Behind Bebazir's death

Political situation:

1. A country under military rule for a prolonged duration which is weakening pretty fast

2. The current ruler is well known to flex the books to his advantage for staying in power.

3. 2 exiled pre-PMs : One moderate and one pro-islamist

Bebazir (Moderate) : A girl born to the prime minister of the country. Charismatic and a crowd puller but not well known as a stateswoman. The administartive skills very much criticised as almost 3 of the times she came to power it was dimissed due to corruption and charges of mis-management. A prime contributor for these is seen to be her husband Asif Ali Darbari.

Nabas Sheriff (pro-Islamic) : Though well respected as a leader he is not as charismatic. A thinking man whose strenght which he knows would be the Islamist crowd and if he comes to power will have to walk a tight rope between the west and Islam.

The third - Kamran Khan : A well educated super star of international cricket, former captain who brought the world cup to the country. The achievements gives him an identi not enough for the political mathes.

4. Desperation of the country's military ruler to please the west for survival

5. Mounting western pressure to re-instate democracy

6. A growing problem of extremism in the western border and a booming economy in 2 of the neighbouring countries

The plot

If a fair-election happens soon in the country, it will be just a choice between Nabas and Bebazir for the lack of a strong contender. Bebazir being popular and crowd puller has an edge. If she wins, her government will again come under scanner for corruption and her husband seen as a parasitic pain.

Why stay a parasite, can the parasite take over it's host's position? If planned well, why not?

The parasite strikes, well camouflaged. The blame will go either to the notorious military ruler who would hate to let go his power and Bebazir is seen clearly as his threat. As an instinct, the military ruler will point to terrorism to defend himself. For different reasons the husband can opt not to do an autopsy on his wife's body and cover it up. If there are explosives and crowd people digest it easily with terrorism as the reason. Once convinced, the general sentiment if capitalized immediately will be towards the bereaved family and people in the sub-continent generously bring the family to power with any one at its top preferably a close family member of the victim.

So, Asif makes himself the care taker of the party, by-passing other better eligible people like Bebazir's niece who is a writer and political critic. He puts up his immature student son as the official leader and him his guide and get on to the Prime Minister seat, he no longer has to be a husband frowned upon by others and can directly call the shots. He will test the water for the first few years with the plan that if it works he will continue else stach his pocket for a life time and quit. During the first few years things goes his way. He makes new friends. He tastes power and not surprisingly is addicted.

A car crash, the student son is killed in the country where he is studying.

Asif wins for the second time. Sympathy works for him again. No one suspects a fish, but a watchful jurno writes a column "... Asif sees that if his son gets back from school he will have to transfer things to him sometime as that was the promise which he made as the foundation of his power. This is the reason he planned to eliminate his own son in a different country.." This creates a big debate and is added with a VERY bad move by Asif. The jurno is assasinated in broad daylight, the assasin caught in public who admits to have worked for Asif.

This triggers a chain reaction, the military takes over the country in an overnight coup. The prime minister runs in exile to a neighbouring country. The new dictator seals the borders and moves the troops towards it...THE END