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Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama or Hillary ?

It's time again to take a wild guess. Now that the contest in the Republican camp is closed the whole of America and according to the Americans the world is watching history happen. A woman and a black muslim contesting and who will America vote to become their president? This is my blog and let me take a dig at this and yes my dig, it happens or not I too have the right to predict.

Firstly, despite being the most powerful country I doubt the maturity of US to choose a black 'muslim'[in quotes] as their ruler if I could say so to stress the responsibility which is forgotten for a while. Skin still does matter. And women, remember the fairer sex started winning their rights much later in a country of a very a long male dominated history.Now the competition as I see is between racism vs gender bias. Time for a big question to get answered, if Obama wins it means US is still male chavinistic and if Hillary makes it, it would prove that racism still survives in the country.

Unless Hillary does really bad or makes a terrible wrong move she will have an edge at the finish line however rough the course gets. She has got a good bunch of influential people and experienced politicians to lift her. Obama, I don't know much about what he stands for and how good he is but to me he looks and carries himself like a President. I am not gender biased, any day I would vote for Margere Thacher for any highest office. Though Obama seems to have an edge as of now I would like to see the competition till the end. Waiting to see if there is any last minute scam or international relationship targeting his religion that is brought out against him that swings the balance.

When everyone is waiting to see if the President will be one among these two we have Mc Cain silently doing the rounds. He is a war veteran, experienced and maybe in the wrong side at wrong moment with two consecutive Rebublican rule and that too post Bush election, it takes a brave man to don his shoes staring failure stright in its eye.

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