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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avatar - setting the bar so high

I watched the 3D movie AVATAR. The term 'Avatar' is not new to the cyber generation and it is not new even to the older generations in India (In Sanskrit it means incarnation). If I need to choose one word to describe the movie, it is 'Brilliance'.Imaginations in the human mind has no limits, the medium these imaginations could be manifested is the limitation. We are awestruck when these barriers are broken, every time. Jaws dropped when someone made a moving picture then when people could talk in the movie and when they could see it in colors then seeing their favorite cartoon character live and moving, when they could hear to stereo sound and then multiple channel surround sound...Records are set, only to be broken and our species is always in the pursuit to keep bettering things, which is what sets us apart. It is the pursuit to excel and control that makes us adventurous.

Not intending to write a long commentary about the plot, this fictional movie talks of the adventurous attitude added with greed driving humans to not respect the way of life of other alien beings in their land. As always, good wins over evil, in this case, evil being the human kinds.

The hero here is the story telling, I am amazed to see how much technology has enabled us to depict our dreams. There's been 3-D movies earlier but here's one I see which has not used this technique to thrill people by scaring us rather make us experience the environment. There are certain scenes where it is hard to resist putting out your hand to feel a beautiful glowing seed that descends down the holy tree. I also see that Hollywood is evolving to think beyond a limited set of sounds made by aliens or huge creatures which have been a predictable standard so far from the Dinos to Godzillas to any other kind of monsters. Here are some barking, tweeting and cawing species.

I think this 'Avatar' has set a record of sorts, hard to be beaten immediately but would love to see something that could better it soon, it is all about getting entertained. This movie does not have a special product to sell but like Starbucks and Virgin Atlantic has made it nearly impossible to duplicate the experience it sells on the product/service.

Quoting something totally out of context but I think IS relevant [Remember, this is MY blog and I reserve the right to quote unquote anything :) ].In Bhagvad Geetha, the guiding holy scripture of Hinduism, a religion practiced around numerous stories of good-over-evil, it is said that whenever the quality of humans fall below tolerable limits God manifests on earth as an 'Avatar'. Bhagvad Geetha is a book of philosophical advice given by God who rides the charriott for a prince into a battle. The prince, Arjuna, a master of archery refuses to shoot any arrows seeing that it is his own cousin brothers and uncles who are pitted against him in the battle. God advises Arjuna all about the cycle of life and explains that it is good to do anything to destroy evil. Coming back to the verse I wanted to quote:

"yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham"

Meaning :-
"when ever and where ever there is decline and decay of righteousness,
O Bharatha (Arjuna), then I manifest myself.
In all such dark periods of history, some great master comes to present himself as the leader of men to revive the standard of life and moral values"!!!

The movie AVATAR is here setting the bar higher for 3D graphics and animation industry and is asking us stretch our imaginations far beyond huge noisy creatures and uncontrollable natural disasters or scientific experiments.


Aruna said...

Great posting.........
I do see the connection between Avataar and Gita!!
Agreed with setting higher standards as far as 3D, settings, graphics etc.
I also feel cameron was making a statement against imperialism , wanton destruction of resources and that man destroys everything he touches.......
Loved the way he brought out the point of connection among all living beings........
There was an untouched quality about the jungles of Pandora.........

R.Ganesh said...

Thanks, I recently read in the news paper that many people who watched the movie in the US are having an urge to commit suicide - reason: their inability to travel to 'Pandora'...sometimes I must say 'no comments' :)